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Please note: QRIScomputeHA is no longer offered as a service.

Suited to long-lived, production research data portals, QRIScloud's QRIScomputeHA service provides applications with a higher level of availability and reliability for compute and storage.

QRIScomputeHA resources are managed through the Nectar dashboard ( Before making an allocation request, you should be familiarise yourself with Nectar cloud basics and Nectar allocation management.


Requesting an allocation

In order to use QRIScomputeHA you must completed a resource allocation request via the Nectar dashboad. Login to the Nectar dashboard using AAF, and then within the left-hand navigation pane, click on Allocations and then on New Request as shown in the figure below. Complete the required fields, ensuring that you:

  1. Select "Queensland (QCIF)" for the Allocation home location field.
  2. Include "Request for QRIScomputeHA" in the Additional location requirements field.

Once the form is completed, click the submit button.


Screen Shot 2016 12 08 at 3.24.28 PM



Once your allocation request has been approved, you will have access to a new Tenant with the approved resources. You are now ready to launch an instance onto the QRIScomputeHA service.


QRIScomputeHA virtual machines

Follow the steps described in Nectar's Launching Virtual Machines guide, with particular attention to:

  1. Choose QRIScloud as the Availability Zone
  2. Select a Flavor that is defined under "QRIScloud-shared-storage"


QRIScomputeHA flavours


QRIScomputeHA volumes

 When creating a volume to use with a QRIScomputeHA instance, please ensure that you:

  1. Select "QRIScloud" for the Availability Zone field.
  2. Select "QRIScloud-rds" for the Type field.

QRIScomputeHA volume


QRIScomputeHA images

 When creating an image of a QRIScomputeHA instance, please ensure that you select "Raw" for the Format field.

Screen Shot 2016 12 08 at 3.57.20 PM



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